Artist: Jane Bradley Cameron

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Jane Bradley Cameron, "Seedsong" Maple seed pods, musical notes, encaustic, on wood panel 12" x 12"
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Jane Bradley Cameron, "Maples Dancing" maple leaves, silk, wood, threads, encaustic medium on wood panel, 6" x 6" each.
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Jane Bradley Cameron, "Quest-ions" handmade paper, beeswax, soil, pigment ink, 30 x 21"

Artist Statement

The artist works with natural materials, handmade paper, alternative photographic processes and beeswax from a neighbor’s beehives. Cameron’s art reflects her own complex layers of investigation into the nexus of human/nature and spiritual experience. Her photographic interpretations and methods stretch the medium in surprising ways, as evidenced in her black and white ephemera of lace and leaves. Studying under Keith Smith she learned the art of making handmade books. In her art Cameron weaves paper with probing questions and textural connections, always in the quest for understanding what moves and binds us. Her 15 years as a certified grief counselor with The Bereavement Center of Westchester served to deepen her commitment to wonder, beauty and the ephemeral. Cameron’s experience includes past co-owner of a multi-media production company in Montreal, Quebec:  Rainbow Pathways. She is a founding member of 494 Gallery, the first women's photography cooperative in NYC, where she had two exhibits a year for 6 years. She has served as curator of the Donald Gallery in Westchester, NY and has shown in galleries in SoHo, Chelsea, Westchester, and Quebec, Canada. Cameron currently lives in both Canada and Hastings, New York.
Cameron says: “Mark-making by humans and animals as well as the etchings of natural forces and growth cycles on natural materials are visual tracings of story - told through text-tured matter. Much of my art is based on exploring these ‘text/ures’ and the visualized soundings they render.”

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