Artist: Anne Crowley

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Anne Crowley, "Summer Birds", 34" x 36" oil on canvas
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Anne Crowley, "Deer Shadow"

Artist Statement

  Anne Crowley was born in Dublin, Ireland. In 1981, she received a Bachelor of Fine Art's degree from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. After receiving her degree she moved to New York City and pursued a career as a painter. In 2001 the artist moved from Manhattan to rural upstate New York. The cottage had an old shed with a wood-burning stove making it an ideal studio space. Surrounded by woodland and nature Crowley soon began a series of paintings on the subject of the natural world, as she saw it. There was a pivotal moment that had a direct impact on her imagination. Listening to the radio a piece of music by Debussy, "Prelude to a Fawn", came on and just by coincidence, a deer happened to be grazing in the woods outside her window. This moment served as a catalyst for the deer painting series. To quote the Irish poet, Patrick Kavanagh,"... some strange thing had happened". The door was open to explore the rest of her backyard: birds, flowers, and insects. The artist’s work attempts to articulate the energy and motion of these animals and plants, to give them traction in two-dimensional terms.

The natural world outside Anne Crowley’s door can be found here at the Lodge at Woodloch. Let her paintings inspire you. Venture outside. Sit in quiet observation. Find the animals, plants and insects that make up the micro ecosystem surrounding this property. Grab a pad and pencil. Sit on one of the benches and draw what you see, small or large. Allow yourself contemplation.

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